Our Story

Chic Chocolate (pronounced “chick”) is a line of gourmet chocolate bars created just for us Chics.  Growing up with three sisters and raising two girls of my own (and a son – lucky guy!) gave me more than enough insight to the moods, whims, and cravings that make each of us Chics the unique and fabulous creatures that we are.  We think Chics are strong, sassy and classy, just like the silhouettes on the wrapper of every bar!

Chic Chocolate started as an idea that grew into an entrepreneurial dream...  After working in the wine industry for many years in Sonoma, California, I decided to follow my dream of living in Italy to learn the language, immerse myself in the culture, and enjoy the food and wine throughout the regions.  Ironically, I went to study at a university in Perugia (Umbria), which is touted as being the chocolate capital of the world, and the home of the world’s largest chocolate festival.  Inspired by my experiences, my daughters' personalities (and their chocolate cravings), I came up with the idea to develop a line of chocolate just for Chics... because Chics like chocolate (but we won't hold it against any of you guys if you’re caught eating it)!  So go ahead, unwrap a bar and discover pure chocolate bliss.  Enjoy! 

“Good chocolate, good friends, good times!”

Hugs and Blessings,

Chic in Charge